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Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

by on August 1, 2013

(This post was based on an answer originally published at Quora on Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.  And I personally felt that this was one of the best, most in depth analysis ever seen on the issue here.  The author has requested anonymity and in deference to his wishes, not revealing his name or details. This was the kind of analysis that was sorely lacking in the mainstream media, or by any of the eminent wise men, who call themselves intellectuals.  And this is what I call analysis, as the writer,  looks at the issue, thread bare. I am reproducing this  answer on my blog here with the author’s permission. The post incidentally had gone viral, and it had to be deleted couple of times from Quora. I fortunately managed to save it and reproduced it here).

History: The map below shows the provinces in south India post independence. The blue part was actually a part of the Madras Presidency during the British rule and the yellow parts which seem to be split by red and blue lines together constituted the Nizam state. Nizam’s kingdom was divided into 3 parts as shown and the Telugu speaking part was merged with the Telugu speaking part of the Madras Presidency to form the present day state of Andhra Pradesh. This was followed by the formation of Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, etc. Now why did the whole thing even happen?

Remember that the blue part in AP is seemandhra (Rayalaseema+ Coastal Andhra) and the yellow part is Telangana. There was a great freedom fighter called Potti Sreeramulu, who felt that the Telugu people in the Madras presidency were not getting their fair share and started a satyagraha-demanding a separate state for the Telugu people. Nehru initially opposed this struggle and Potti Sriramulu died as a result of Nehru’s negligence. The Telugu people were enraged and Nehru was eventually forced to create a new Telugu state.

Now, what followed was Nehru’s failed decision making and social engineering- which is the root cause of today’s problem. Remember how Patel forced the Nizam to merge his kingdom into the Indian Union? After kicking the Nizam out, Nehru did not have a good follow up plan for the backward state of Hyderabad. He initially opposed merging Telangana with Andhra. After a decade or so, he thought he could do some clever social engineering by giving the Telugu speakers of the Nizam’s kingdom a new language-based identity along with the people of Seemandhra. This was soon after the first SRC provided him with the pros and cons of the merger. He did not care about the disparities between the people of Telangana and Seemandhra.

What were the disparities? Telangana had a feudal history with Islamic rule for over hundreds of years (similar to Delhi), while Seemandhra was ruled by the British and had a long colonial past (similar to Tamil Nadu). However, Nehru did not care. His biggest fear was that the forcibly annexed state of Hyderabad might be backward forever or might someday leave the Indian Union to join Pakistan (Remember the figure below shows the Pakistan Jinnah wanted, Hyderabad state is called Osmanistan on the map below).

Now the people who love Nehru say all this was not his fault, but it was he who took the final decision. The next step was to build a capital. People of Seemandhra proposed Kurnool as the capital for the new state. However, Nehru convinced them that Hyderabad would be a better location because it had all the infrastructure left behind by the Nizam.

The modern state of Andhra Pradesh was formed and was ruled by successive Congress governments- until N T Rama Rao started the Telugu Desam Party on the basis of Telugu pride and self-rule. Now, there was also a Telangana agitation in the meanwhile, and there was also a separate Jai Andhra movement during Indira Gandhi’s prime ministership. However, the Congress party was able to suppress these movements in both the regions- simply because it was the single largest party in the state without a strong opposition.

During all these years- from post-independence to the late 1980’s Andhra Pradesh (Telangana in specific) was a socioeconomic basket case. Then came Chandra Babu Naidu. He transformed Andhra Pradesh into what it is today: from a basket case into a top 5 state. I won’t write much about him because most educated people know his achievements very well and I will leave you with a graph below which speaks volumes about his governance. The spike in Hyderabad (shown in the graph) was during Naidu’s rule. This was how Hyderabad was transformed from a backward, lawless city into a modern metropolis.

Now, this is the real contentious issue. People of Seemandhra always felt that it was their investments and human capital that created all the wealth in and around Hyderabad, while Telangana people were free riders. They have always been very upset that many of the coastal cities like Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Tirupati, etc., were neglected because all the investment was flowing into Hyderabad for far too long. Hyderabad by the end of 2005 was like a huge black hole that gobbled up all the foreign direct investment in the state. The Seemandhra people were also worried about the sharing of Krishna and Godavari river waters with Telangana (besides Maharashtra and Karnataka).

Meanwhile, a man named KCR tried to advance his political career by bringing back the separate Telangana movement and starting his own party. His initial argument was that people from Seemandhra have stolen all the fruits of development from the people of Telangana. Later an expert panel called the Sri Krishna commission set up by the central government proved his argument wrong. Here is the link to their report:…. Now that his argument was proved wrong, KCR picked up another cause: Self-respect of the Telangana people. This is where things get very sensitive.

There are three major regional dialects of Telugu- each spoken by the people of Telangana, Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. People of Telangana always felt that their dialect was being considered inferior by the speakers of the other dialects. Also, the mass media (like Telugu movies and Television) have always used the Coastal Andhra dialect. So, KCR successfully found a new reason to exploit to his political gain. He claimed that the Telangana culture and dialect were being considered inferior by the people of seemandhra and the only way the Telangana people could get back their self-respect is by demanding a separate state. He started a fast-unto-death- which really scared the hell out of Sonia Gandhi and Chidambaram in 2009 (Remember the Potti Sriramulu incident?). So they caved in and announced in December 2009 that they are willing to form a separate state of Telangana.

Now the story moves to New Delhi. This is the election year and Sonia is worried that the Congress might be decimated in AP during the 2014 elections. Since 2009, the Congress party did not do anything about separate Telangana- until the last month when they finally woke up to the election reality. The state of AP sends a strong contingent (~32) of Congress MPs to Lok Sabha. She is worried that she would lose to KCR in the Telangana region; Jagan Reddy or Chandra Babu Naidu in the Seemandhra region. So she has instead decided to divide and rule the state. She believes that- if they can form the state of Telangana before 2014, they would at least get 17-18 MPs from the newly formed state. However, she is clueless about Seemandhra (refer to the figure below).

Here comes Mr. Owaisi. Remember this hate-monger from Hyderabad? This guy has collaborated with the Kashmiri Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad- to work out a plan to socially re-engineer Andhra Pradesh all over again. They have created a plan that would split the four districts of Rayalaseema into two- one half would be merged with Telangana and the other half would be merged with Seemandhra. They want to rename the new Telangana state as the ‘Hyderabad state’- just like the Nizam times! This will be a very dangerous thing for India in the long run. The idea here is to create a huge Muslim minority, which would ensure that the congress party has a secure voter base and political future in the new state. Take a look at the social composition of Andhra Pradesh.

Now why would Telangana lose out and how would Seemandhra gain from the division?

  1. Telangana would fall prey to the vote-bank and socialist economic policies of the Congress party due to the presence of a large number of minorities, and backward classes. Note that the Muslims in Telangana are Urdu speaking, whereas the Muslims from Seemandhra are Telugu speaking and are very well assimilated into the society. Look at the social mix from the 6th bar in the graph above- Telangana would have a huge minority population- which is like Congress party’s dream come true. However, the opposite of this would happen in the state of Seemandhra- as it would have less than 5% Muslim population. Refer to the last bar in the graph above.
  2. Compare the percentage of high-castes in Telangana vs Seemandhra, i.e 6th Bar Vs the last bar in the graph above. The high castes from Seemandhra were the entrepreneurial classes who have been creating a lot of wealth over the last few decades (including Hyderabad). Think GMR, GVK, LANCO, Dr. Reddy’s, Satyam, several media conglomerates, and the whole of Tollywood, etc. Telangana would lose out on these capitalist classes and their entrepreneurial spirits. This will impact their economy over the long run. On the other hand, Seemandhra would have a huge scope for these entrepreneurial classes- close to 31% of the population- to grow.
  3. As many OBC leaders from Telangana have pointed out in the past- the elites in Telangana have always been mostly feudal- but never very entrepreneurial and these are the elites the state of Telangana would be left with. This is indicated in the graph below which shows how inequality in Telangana actually increased over the last decade due to landlessness and feudalism despite the economic boom in that area. Note the steep decrease in inequality in the Andhra region.
  4. Hyderabad would no longer be the cash cow. The first wave of wealth creation in Hyderabad is over and this can be inferred from all the macro-economic indicators. This is probably the worst time to separate this city from its capitalists and entrepreneurs; You are killing the golden goose. The exact opposite is true for Vishakapatnam and Vijayawada. They are yet to begin their first wave of economic growth. Look at the competition in FDI between Coastal Andhra vs Telangana (excluding Hyderabad) from the graph below. Seemandhra is already competing pretty well with Hyderabad in attracting investments.
  5. Seemandhra would be a power-surplus state while Telangana would be a power deficit state. Unlike Seemandhra, Telangana consumes a lot more power than it produces- mainly because a lot of power is needed to irrigate the land there.. Seemandhra would have an infrastructure surplus, while Telangana would become a landlocked state by losing out on major ports, coastline, golden quadrilateral and major railway freight corridors (see the figure below). It would also lose its share of revenues from the KG gas basin.
  6. The Telangana movement was very successful because of the involvement of the students. KCR has promised government jobs to all these people. Now the real question is how would he create all those government jobs? On the other hand, a great amount of job creation would happen in Seemandhra because they would need brand new infrastructure and need to build their new capital.
  7. Identity politics and the loss of cultural capital all over again. This is probably something the congress leaders sitting in Delhi would not understand completely.The division is not only being made on the premise of under-development but also on the basis of self-respect and Culture. How would the people of Telangana reconcile with their identity issues once the division is over? Is there a real leader who could make this process easy and rebuild their identity? Would the Telangana people be able to assert their rights over the Telugu language and its 4000 years of literature? Will the Telangana media immediately switch to the Telangana dialect to reflect the new identity? Will there be Telangana movies? Will the new Seemandhra state successfully hijack the Telugu identity once and for all? Will Seemandhra emerge as a strong language based state like Tamil Nadu? These are some tough questions that need answers. They have no concrete answers, but my prediction is that there is a danger of a deep identity crisis for a long time to come unless there is a transformational leader who can make this process easy. After all, 4000 years of identity cannot be divided as easily as a piece of land. This is similar to what happened during India-Pakistan partition (exaggerated, yes).
  8. Most people from Seemandhra feel the Telugu language did not get its fair share of respect in some parts of Andhra Pradesh, especially Hyderabad- where it had to play second fiddle to languages like Urdu and Hindi (Do not mistake this for anti-Hindi sentiments).The image below shows the vandalized statue of a great Telugu poet, during the Telangana Rashtra Samithi rally in Hyderabad. None of the TRS leaders have ever apologized for this appalling incident. What did Potti Sriramulu die for? What was the Telugu state he had envisioned? The formation of a strong linguistic state like Seemandhra would be a great asset for the Telugu language and its great  literary tradition.Our neighbors in Tamil Nadu have done an admirable job in protecting their linguistic identity and I hope we would be able to do the same in the state of Seemandhra (of course without resorting to all the linguistic politics).

    So it’s not just the land, water and money. The Seemandhra region might lose out on water-sharing etc., but there is clearly a lot more at stake here.

Now how would all this affect the nation?

  1. The Pandora’s box of state division would be opened once again. There will be demands for Vidharbha, Tulu Nadu, Saurashtra, Bundel Khand, Mithilanchal, Gorkha land, Bodo Land, Purvanchal, Harit Pradesh and many others.
  2. Economic barriers between the newly formed states of Telangana and Seemandhra would impact the market forces and the overall trade in the region.
  3. Communal forces would increase in Hyderabad and the Maoist activity would grow manifold in the forest areas of Telangana. There is no concrete proof for this but this has been the trend in the states like Chattisgarh- which actually shares the Maoist affected forest area with Telangana.
  4. This is clearly a case of the congress party exploiting sub-regionalism in order to reap political benefits from it. Its pure social engineering at work. This is nothing but a mockery of the Indian democracy. This a good example to show that the Nehru-Gandhi family can merge and break any two regions of the country according to their whims and fancies.

What is being reported in the national media is a very superficial analysis of what is really happening. They make it seem like the division is Telangana’s gain, while it is actually Seemandhra’s. Here is why- Imagine a state where one half of it was like Gujarat and the other half was like Chattisgarh, and assume they were forced to coexist. That was exactly how Andhra Pradesh operated, thanks to Nehru’s disastrous social engineering. [ I must also mention that I am not trying to downplay Chattisgarh’s progress by comparing it to Gujarat; I am just trying to draw a comparison to indicate how different both the regions are].

Now that Telangana has voluntarily chosen to break away, the Seemandhra region will be unchained, and the people there will finally be able to unleash their true potential. If things go through as most of us expect, you have another Gujarat in the making. I am not trying to say Telangana will not progress, I am just saying Seemandhra would have a lot more to gain from this division. I hope both the Telugu speaking states-along with the rest of India- prosper.

This is how I look at it. The others might have their own views.

Update: Congratulations to the people of both Telangana and Seemandhra- the divorce is through. Owaisi’s ‘Rayala-Telangana’ or ‘Hyderabad state’ luckily did not happen; Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra have chosen to be together and to form the new state. Hyderabad as of now will be a common capital for the coming 10 years.

Sources: All the graphs were taken from the Sri Krishna committee report.

  1. Srinivas Marella permalink

    Thanks for sharing, Ratnakar. After reading this, felt I now know more about my janmabhoomi than ever. Pains to see a divide taking place. It is like cutting through my heart. Becoming a Non Local in my own Local area ? What an irony we have to go through.

  2. This is fantastic application and effort at building and projecting a wholesome view of a somewhat intractable, information deficient and particularly knotty issue. Thanks to the author.

  3. Reblogged this on Truth Within, Shines Without and commented:
    This is awesome … fantastic application and effort at building and projecting a wholesome view of a somewhat intractable, information deficient and particularly knotty issue. Thanks to the author.

  4. Kiran Kumar permalink

    This article makes me feel upbeat about the positive things that can/will happen to Seemandhra region. But when looking back the losers are people of Seemandhra, we lost the capital, concentrated development happened in Hyderabad region. We need a good leadership who can take the state towards growth. Hope all good happens to both the states.

  5. Quite a detailed post – especially for ppl like me who dont know the background

  6. Aniket permalink

    this is a fantastic piece, must say never seen such an in depth analysis , politicians from time to time for their vested interest have ruined the state, Nehru was a big disaster for India.

  7. The untimate losers are the people and not the politicians. Divide and rule is congress policy since the independence. Whether divide based on caste,religion or any other, they always did that. And declaring the state in election year clearly shows the political intention. Hope some strong leadership comes in seemandra for the benefits of the people.

    Good detailed article sir.


  8. Very good piece! The reality is,if the state is not bifurcated seemandra people would continued to get less, as the status quo would have continued, but after bifurcation either Vijayawada or Guntur or even Vizag will develop on fast track. Infrastructure development under modern business modules, will generate lakhs of employment, and then who is going to enjoy these fruits in Seemandra? it’s undoubtedly Andhra people alone! Once Tollywood, and other Industries shift to Andhra region it is seemandra that will be benefited most!

    Though the author has covered well, went in depth, a few lines on the plight of weavers / farmers and suicides of debt ridden N Telangana would have added some crowing.

    Kudos also for the double game played by communal MMS on T issue.

    till yesterday MMS was vehemently opposing T state on the pretext of BJP gaining ground in T area, but to day he welcomed it in reconciliation.

    However gratification or heart burn on two sides of the state, people should be wary of evil designs of Congress party for the timing of this announcement, and through out the struggle Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi remaind mute spectators and never stepped in this region even once which took over 800 youths! martyrs

  9. Excellent piece, Sir. Thanks for the detailed analysis with facts and a round up of history.

  10. Wow.. is all that I can see!! A very in-depth study and analysis. Though it does pain me to suddenly find myself in a different state in my own land, let’s hope that both states prosper. And yes, it does seem to be a brighter future to our Seemandhra. We have always rocked and will continue doing so!

  11. ராஜெண்றன் permalink

    Nothing will stop hard working people from progress. Nothing will help lazy people to progress. Let us see how these two people do in the future.

  12. శ్రీకృష్ణ కమిటీ సోర్స్ తీసుకొని ప్రెసెంట్ చేసిన ఈ కథనాన్ని పూర్తిగా నమ్మడం సాధ్యం కాదు. ఎందుకంటే శ్రీకృష్ణ కమిటీ రిపోర్టును ఇతరులు మేనేజ్ చేసిన విషయం అప్పుడే మరిచిపోతే ఎలా ? కాకపోతే తెలంగాణా అడుగుతున్న వారికి, మరబోయే సోషియల్ ఈక్వేషన్స్ తెలియకకాదు. తెలంగాణాలో పెరగ బోయే బీసీ ల సంఖ్య నే మజ్లిస్ లాంటి మత శక్తులను అడ్డుకోగలదని గమనించాలి . ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ ఉన్నంతకాలం మజ్లిస్ అరాచక రాజకీయం కొనసాగుతుంది . దాని అరాచక రాజకీయానికి తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్రం లో మాత్రమె సంకెళ్ళు పడతాయని ఎవరూ మర్చి పోవద్దు . తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్రంలో పేద ముస్లింలు బాగు పడతారు . మజ్లిస్ అరాచకానికి ముకుతాడు పడుతది . ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ లో మజ్లిస్ కొనసాగిస్తున్న అరాచక రాజకీయానికి తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్ర ఏర్పాటే పరిష్కారం. ఇకపోతే ఆర్ధిక అభివృద్ధి అనేది నేటి ప్రపంచీకరణ కాలంలో … ఆర్థికంగా స్థిరపడిన హైదరాబాద్ రేపు తెలంగాణా ఏర్పడ్డాక కూడా మరింత అభివృద్ధి పథంలో దూసుకు పోతుందనడం లో అనుమానంలేదు .

  13. jai telangana permalink

    wat evr u told might b true…… there would be large gain for Andhra … den y people r unable to understand……..Andhra people have been teling that they developed everything , telangana issue Is going on from past 56 years, den y did people develop hyd? dey r from Andhra…..dey should be thinking dat some or the other time , they have to get separated………from past 56 yrs , people have been asking for telangana , but no one bothered……….we know that you people are developed, bcoz of u ….there vl b no development for us…..poor vl bcom poor n richr vl bcom rich…whether Andhra people will be staying in andhra or telangana……dey know how to liv, they will step down the telanagana people………atleast now tealngana people will open their eyes…hope they vl strive for their excellenece………………….
    Telangana people should have an opportunity to decide their own fate, instead of Andhra region imposing its will on Telangana people. As Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru once said
    “The man, who has gotten everything he wants, is all in favor of peace and order”.
    Andhra region has everything, so they want statusquo………….jai telangana…

    • Srikanth permalink

      Andhra people invested in Hyd becaude it is a part of Andhra Pradesh , our state. anthe kani telangano lo manam invest cheyyatam enti adi mana state kadu kada ani edava alochanalu appatlo raledu paapam..

  14. jai telangana permalink

    wat evr it is…..itz better to get separated friendly…..dats wat we wanted…even though there will be separate states ….we are brothers and sisters forever…..hope everyone will understand this…jai telangana……..jai Andhra :):):)…plz understand n don’t go for agaitation….this telangana issue is going on from 56 years……let this happen….cooperate n everyone will be in peace

    • It’s ok boss, there will always be some emotion involved, and it will take some time to calm down. Sooner or later, we will get over this. Anyway congrats on getting what you wanted, hope you achieve your dreams, as we do.

      • jaitelangana permalink

        thanks……. … :)

  15. Reblogged this on Dr Ravi Kumar Reddy and commented:
    dont know about the true nature of this statistics but jus wanted to share a thought on this view too

  16. jaitelangana permalink

    100% Facts about Telangana !!!

    1. Telangana was a new state before merging into Andhra and Andhra was part of Madras.
    2. We never fought with Britishers, we were fighting with Razzakars and Nijam even after Bharath got freedom. We got freedom with the help of The Iron Man of Bharat “Sardar Vallabhai Patel”.
    3. During the period of Nizam and Razzakars, we were protecting our ladies and children at home. We didn’t get an opportunity to go to school. Even in schools they were teaching Urdu which was no use after merging Andhra in Telangana. Till today you can find Hindus who can speak, read and write Urdu in our villages.
    4. You can find a building called “buruju” in all villages of Telangana, that was used to fight with Nizams and Razzakars.
    5. Karnool was the capital for Andhra when Andhra separated from Madras, whereas Hyderabad was capital for Telangana.
    6. After death of Sri.PottiSriRamulu and based on language based states Andhra Merged into Telangana (Telangana was having surplus budget)
    7. Nehru clearly told “ek maasoon ladkiko ek natakat ladke ke saath shaadi kiya jaa rahahein..if ladki says she don’t want to stay with the ladke…she can take divorce” during merging.
    8. Finally Andhra merged into Telangana and became popular as Andhra Pradesh.
    9. As our grandfathers were did not go to school, even if they go to school they learned Urdu, which was no use after formation of Andhra Pradesh.
    10. But in Andhra they were ruled by Britishers and they have good command over English. So after merging Andhra into Telangana , Andhra people were benefited with Jobs.
    11. All the jobs in Government in Andhra Pradesh occupied by the Andhra people as we Telangana people were not eligible with their education background. Telangana people were permitted for sweeping, cleaning and driving jobs. Till today we have the same situation.
    12. 1969 Telangana agitation started from the Osmania University with the students, many of them lost their lifes.
    13. 1973 Jai Andra Agitation Started by people of Andhra to separate Andhra from Telangana.
    14. Again in 1985 Telangana agitation started, that was suppressed by the Government.
    15. GO 610 was announced and till today not implemented.
    16. In 2001, Telangana agitation started at peaks and didn’t stop till it get separate Telangana.
    17. Dear Andhra brothers\sisters, we were never together, we have been undertreated.
    18. During this journey we sacrificed 1000+ people. We would like to say “Veerulaara Vandanam mee paadaalaku (We are saluting to you by touching your feet)”

    Yes, we have faced (facing till today) many incidents where Andhra People (who stays with us live with us) insulted us with the language, festivals we celebrate and with our behaviors…we were asking a minimal respect as we are also human beings, we do hurt many times, we never argue with you as you cannot understand the PAIN behind it !! .
    We also agree your comments for some extent but not 100%, we never say we are correct, we had the tough challenge over the years.

    We sincerely request to all people that this should be treated as WIN against SELF-RESPECT and SELF DIGNITY !!!

    Finally we would like to say Thanks to all people in Andhra Pradesh and wishing you good luck to Our Telangana !!!

    I request all Telangana people to protect all Andhra Peoples self-respect and their dignity. I also request Telangana people to invest your brains to develop Telangana much better than this.

    Wish you all the best !!!


    • *** Please avoid making personal remarks, we don’t want this to become a flame thread—Admin

      One clear fact is- Hyderabad history is divided before and after chandrababu naidu. Its the leaders who make a nation. Congis are good at breaking it. Show me one leader in telangana, irrespective of the parties, who has credibility to be a good CM. PLZ dont give stupid excuses like “leave our fate to us”. its not ur fate, Its the fate of indians. hyderabad is the defacto second capital and Defence capital of india. It decides the security of the nation. now with telangana, we will soon be creating a continuous red corridor from nepal to Karnataka. Naxals are worse than ISI and Taliban.

    • sree permalink

      One thing which has to be accepted is ,the rulers from both the sides after the formation of AP have ignored basic realities of requirements of Telengana. Which is a fact . I have lived as a kid in late 70’s and early 80’s in Adilabad Dist. Things were in a bad shape , lower castes were not treated like humans. Political Power monopolized by few families (upper castes) have alienated the weaker sections from the main stream and pushed them towards extremism). Even after 25 years of independence one has to carry his chappals in his hand without staring towards the building of the landlord or zamindar. Frankly speaking which colony or locality in Hyd you will find Andhra and telengana people living side by side. I am not saying we hate each other but we also do not love each other. Frankly speaking to all seemanndhra when you migrate to a place ,you go for lively hood and better opportunities, you cannot claim you have invested , when you invest you also take returns. Enough of these arguments ,lets prosper collectively and live happily. I am from Seemaandhra,t elengana people have been oppressed and suppressed by Nizam rulers and later by big landlords and their interests have been compromised by the rulers for the sake of power .

  17. Ankit Trivedi permalink

    Mera Bharat Mahan….

    Jargindi antha marchipoyi repati udayam to mana deshani oka gouravam ni neelpetadamu ..

    Lets hit back at the Congress’ in their own way,, lets divide it. I’m sure this Power Hungry party gets subdued in the coming elections …

  18. sridhar kondoji permalink

    The author has done a really fantastic job in looking through the issue and bringing up interesting things. However, i feel that entrepreneurs overnight will not be able to move to seemandhra and repeat their success stories. They will continue to use Hyderabad and its eco system and prosper.
    Movie Industry will not switch to Seemandhra overnight. They will continue to produce movies here and release it everywhere. Yes, they might be forced to give telangana dialect more respect.
    The author has painted a very bleak future for Telangana, but the reality may not be as bleak. I do understand that telangana leaders are not as talented as Andhra leaders and it might take a very long time for them to grow. In any case, division was bad and it could have been avoided. Blame it all on YSR for resurrecting TRS.
    Sridhar Kondoji.

  19. jyothiprakasan permalink

    Thanks to who vr mad this analysis. It is imprative that every studnt/intelectuals if they have should go thro” and mak use of the opportunities to grow with available abundant resources. However some great unselfish / devoted leader should emerge but not the commercial minded present day politicians. Unfortunately it is always the Common man who is bullied at the pleasures of the politics.

    • jyothiprakasan permalink

      my computer letter “E”has some problm. Hence mis-spelt like EVER’for “vr” MADE for “mad” and so on. I meant that every student / intllectuals of newly coined Seema-andhra.

  20. telananganavadam enni zillallo undi? in 4 districts only.hydlo andhra population telanganalo 60 lakhs. bhadrachalam division andhradi.andravalla valla telanganalo 2 Mp seats perigai.andhralo thaggai.bhadrachalam ,mahabbobabad segmentlo vundi.dantlo sagam voters maavare.hyd muslimlidi. antea telanganalo mp seats 14 only

  21. P.B.S.Mani permalink

    Before Andhra Pradesh was cra\eated MADRAS (cHENNAI) Was full of Telugu speaking People and it was they who developed the City.The Cine industry was nurtured and developed by them.But this city became the capital of Tamilnadu and most of the Telugus became Pravasa Andhrulu.Infact Thirupathi which was predominently a Tamil place became part of Andhra Pradesh.People of both the languages had lot of misgivings on these issues.Most people thought by the creation of Andhra Pradesh the Telugus will be the losers and the Tamils will be the gainers.But as the years went by both Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh developed fantastically.Similarly Telangana and Seemandhra will also develop leaps and bounds in course of time and all this clamour will die down after some time.Change is always welcome.Let us think positively.Anyway the author has taken lot of efforts to bring out a detailed analysis._ Ponguru Balasubrahmanya Sharma- Chennai.

  22. Darani permalink

    TRS KCR promised 1 crore job. The Job source is only Hyderabad for Telangana because other districts in Telengana are backward. but Hyderabad not having population of 1 crore. one source is govt job that can be max 5 lakhs (rough figure) in Hyderabad. how 1 crore comes? this figure is triggering the students and people of Telangana. which is creating fight between Telangana and Semandhra people in Hyderabad. and It which will create tense and Telangana will remain backward. and semandhara state will improve in infrastructure and other areas because of new capital, high court, IT Sector,etc Hyderabad will not grow if fight continues, as real estate and investments will go downwards.if Hyderabad has to grow the people in hyderabad have to keep calm and think further growth

  23. sridhar kondoji permalink

    Never be under the impression that Seemandhra will evolve fast and improve its infrastructure overnight. The caste politics is going to rear its ugly face and become a stumbling block.
    Both new states have challenges to face and get rid of politicians that serve no good.

  24. Guntur Siva permalink

    If Telugu people divide into two or three states then it is easy to the central government to dominate politically or culturally, no identity, no voice, no value, no funds, no local parties domination, division is good for BJP or Congress and rest of states leaders.

    Telegana and Hyderabad will be go down drastically, US investors already commented on this, it is not good to divide, no new investments will come to Hyd, if it divide.

    Andhra farmers are hard working people, they go to Telegana and cultivate wast grass lands and earn a lot, many farmer families did this, they even go to karnataka and do the same.

    Andhra people earn lot and spend very less, they never show-up, they will get small job in Hyd and they will manage to start their own industry, that is their hard work and economic capability. Their food habits also mostly vegetarians (No daily non-veg and no daily drinks, no white water).

    Business is more in Andhra and we pay taxes, all these tax money is going to build Hyd infrastructure, ChandraBabu took world bank loans and built Hyd, we all paid for that. Now giving Hyd to one part of the state is not acceptable at all.

    We build Chenni and given Tamil people, now build Hyd, again have to give? and search for new capital to build? how many times we have to do this? we are not.

    • sridhar kondoji permalink

      Hi Guntur Siva,
      No particular region should claim the credit for Hyderabad’s development. Hyderabad had a better infrastructure to begin with. This was built during Nizam’s regime itself. That is the main reason why Hyderabad was made capital. People from Andhra and Rayalaseema came to Hyderabad in search of better livelyhood. Don’t twist the story to say, that we came in to develop hyderabad. Many Indians went to United Sates and contributed to their success story. Should Indian’s claim the ownership of United States? That is ridiculous. People pay taxes in proportion to their earnings. People flock to places wherever opportunities lie. Hyderabad’s infrastructure was not built by taxes collected, but by debts. So now, new hyderabad will take more debt share. Hyderabad generates more tax revenue by virtue of industrial bases and everybody is reaping benefits. If you say, that andhra people do all farming, then you should also admit that they enjoyed free electricity and at times bank debt waived. Where did this come from? It came from tax revenue generated in Hyderabad.

      Let’s speak facts and not fictions. Telangana movement got stronger because YSR wanted it to be strong to weaken TDP. Telangana is a result of stupid politics played by few vested interests.

      At the end of the day, politicians remain friends, it is only people like you and me fight.

    • Niranjan permalink

      A very Good Comment, I appreciate your honesty Mr Sridhar, US lo kuda baga sampayincharu Andhrollu, why dont they ask a separate IT based state where Andrites-termites sorry..Andhrites are good brokers and very bad owners, Females dominate while spineless males sit around and enjoy feminine hardwork. Good luck guys,,,, Inka padellu barinchali mimmalnee…hmmppch

  25. Ganesh permalink

    Great analysis. I am a Non-Telugu Non-Andhra whatever. But I felt very sad the way states are being divided and fragmented. If certain part of the country is backward even after 65 years we have to squarely blame the power mongers irrespective of parties. This is true of every region of our country. People of this great country failed to understand the evil designs of a handful politicians.

  26. *** Please avoid making personal remarks, we don’t want this to be a flaming thread–Admin

    IT,PHARMA,FILM INDUSTRY,EDUCATION,MEDIA,NEWS PAPER,HOTELS,HOSPITALITY………….,tell me? antha andhravalla srama,,….in hyd andhra people paying 80% revenue.&tax.telanganavallu kattea income meeru thisukondi.hyd is capital of 15 dists in hyd state up to1956.after that it is a capital of23 dists.hyd is never a capital of 10 dists of telengana.

  27. Prasanth permalink

    Here are some comparative stats on Andhra and Telangana. It is sad that the state as a whole is so far behind Tamil Nadu and Kerala in its Literacy rates. We should be concentrating our time on these improvements rather than wasting time with division. Neither rural areas of Telangana nor Seemandhra look impressive.

  28. deeps deep permalink

    Some twisted facts. . Manipulative and miss guided information. You have timelessly pointed to Sri krishna comms but the whole truth about their report was never made public. Telangana would consume more power coz there are more industries in Telangana. Cultivation of Telangana land would need more effort for now but with the state divided, the actual water resources would be put to of greatwr use in Telangana and Andhra rather than letting it flood into the ocean.. And the entrepreneurs. ., we all know how Andhra politicos has used their connections to get their own people the projects and companies they have built. So am sure people in Telangana can also use such connections to build their own. (Legal/illegal, for another day).. Identity politics-well let me tell you its all about identity . The reason India fought for freedom, the reason Palestine is fighting for., kurds, and many more are fightinf for. As a matter of fact, Andhra people fought against madras state. I guess no one would mine as it all boilsdown to who has rhe mic piece ans who can scream down the loudest . And if I could further point out that you are no different to the politician clan as your views are totally biased and twisted.
    I am ready face bats and bricks for this post.

    Kind regards

  29. Muralidharan permalink

    Potti Sreeramulu lost his life fighting for a separate state for Telugus. While he is a hero for the Telugus unwittingly he sowed the seed for a linguistic division of the country. Now he will be weeping in his grave, Telugu land is further being sub divided. We need to put an end to this regional parochialism. Divide the country as administrative zones taking care that water resources do not go across borders. Only this way we can stop our country breaking in to pieces, regional parochialism will disappear.

    • raju permalink

      Muralidharan:: good suggestion : not complete : my additions we have to strengthen our ULBs and PRIs both. And good corruption controlling body and value based education in all types of language and culture preservation too. linguistic societies and funds and independent authority. now your suggestion complete why don’t we fight for it . we have to do some constitutional amendments . we have remove special provisions for Hindi . and also national language status, we Indian federation party or common indians party. but no amm adhmi type . name should not be in any Indian language or several names for one party required and accepted by all even election commission. army also Federal.

  30. dvssrs permalink

    Could somebody draw Khammam district map (during its formation) and map with additional areas from neighbouring districts afterwards?

  31. Indian permalink

    put that guy jagmohan in jail and take back the thousands of crores of public taken as bribe and stop voting based on caste or move to some other religion if u cant escape from the lower castes… else ur doomed and ur children also.Its not that people are converting for money.Some people want to escape from this nasty caste or be a communist party member which has no official religion publically.Its good for the state for growing up but bad once its grown

  32. pavan permalink

    Thanks for your detailed article ,Currently the suituation between both regions is quite grim.The main problem is due to the centralisation of development ,no other region is developed with par standards of hyderabad.I agree with your opinion how two different region with unequal economy,literature,living styles,occupation united based on equal language parameter.After seperation from chennai state ,it is those leaders(congress) who feared in making Vijayawada as capital thinking that it would result in lossing power as Vijayawada then had strong Communist base in the country resulting in chossing kurnool as capital which lacks development.Now the desparites had created among all sectors in both regions.The central duty is to safeguard both regions rights during bifurcation…I hope for healthy ,happy climax for the never ending misery of telugu people..

  33. Shiva kumar Nayanapally permalink

    As the author shared only srikrishna committee report and some articles published in some of so called print media. Its not all correct. How ever he tried to convince the people of both regions. He ignored all previous agreements made between both regions have been beeched. The analysis on PowerPoint is correct,Telangana state will over come the defficiency. Where as on naxalite problem is in correct. It depend on the ruling government. I agree with the comment of one mr
    Srinivas kalluri. We wish both the Telugu people will maintain peace and harmony and work hard for the development of both Telangana and seemandhra states in the larger interest of the down trodden people. ThanQ one and all. Jai hind.

    • Shiva kumar Nayanapally permalink

      The decision of formation of Telangana state is taken under the constitutoinal method., pls cooperate every one for future cordial relationship between both the states, both the people.

      • Shiva kumar Nayanapally permalink

        Just correct the word ie….breached the agreements.

      • Shiva kumar Nayanapally permalink

        Just correction of a word in my 1st comment ie… Breached the agreements.

  34. Just a simple and a direct question to the delusional author and few Andhrites here….What has the so called Amarajeevi Potti Sreeramulu done for Telangana????

  35. Madhava permalink

    Hyderabad is benefited from the liberalization undertaken by PV. Narasimha Rao’s govt at the center. Fruits of which we’re ripe during CBNs regime. Only favor he did was not coming in the way and stopping the development, only because he has vested interest too. No doubt he is a visionary in that aspect. Wish all the best to both the states.

  36. T.Srinivasa Mohan permalink

    This is an article based on facts. Whatever said, people of coastal areas should know it is their politicians who have ditched them and not the leaders of Telangana. Now its time to stop criticism and concentrate on development of their region. Without waiting for 10 years, the capital has to be shifted immediately and its development started without delay. Development should be decentralized and all the districts should be equally developed. If the state capital is at one place, High Court may be located in another region or place. There is no need to concentrate development at Hyderabad as was done earlier. Companies which have their major operations in coastal area and Rayalaseema should be pursued to shift their registered and corporate offices to these areas so that the taxes and other duties they pay go to these regions. Thrust should be given for creation for infrastructure and other development will naturally follow. It is testing time for the people of coastal areas and Rayalaseema who should rise above and keep away petty divisive politics and work together for an enviable Andhra Pradesh

  37. A A P SARMA permalink

    Post division :
    In Telangana leaving Hyderabad ,old Dora dynasty restores like ” DORA NEE KAAL MOKTA” (means Yr hiness, i pray ur feet) & ” BAANCHEN” ( am ur slave).
    At Seemandhra :
    As the writer truly said, We can witness another Gujarat in a decade.
    Ofcourse subject to overcoming the cinflicts of Capital choices of leaders & dedication of seemandhra l

  38. Syam Sunder permalink

    its funny. a place have a developed city with nearly one crore people in it and well established like assembly, secretariat, cm residence, governor residence, mlas mps residences and ministers quarters, high court, more and more government offices called 29th new state of india.

    but where as a place no capital city and should search for appropriate place for build a capital and
    no residences for cm, governor, secretariat, assembly, mlas mps residences and govt offices etc.
    is called old state (residual state). Funny and silly.

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